CinEmotion Studios, your wedding videographer in Phoenix has customizable wedding video packages.  Choose the amount of coverage time you need for your wedding.  Here’s how it works.   Every package includes a Final Feature Film which will vary in time depending on how many hours of filming we do, kind of a no brainer.  Here’s the cool part. Each package includes an Add-On or Add-Ons depending on which package you choose.  With these Add-Ons you can customize what gets included in your final wedding videography package!  Choose your Add-Ons from the list below, which includes things like: Bridal Prep Edit, Full Ceremony Edit or anything else you want included.  Easy.  You can also add items from our A La Carte menu if you’d like.

Wedding Videographer in Phoenix

What Our Packages Include:

All of our final wedding videographer packages are professionally authored and packaged. Here is what you will get:

  • Professional Motion Menus including Scene Selection and Bonus Features.
  • High Definition Bluray Discs.  DVD’s are are now like VHS.  Although they are still available, this is now an outdated media.
  • Professionally printed Discs.  NO Stickers that will peel off.  These are printed in full color directly on the disc.
  • Full Color Bluray / DVD Case.  Case photos are taken directly from your wedding footage.
  • Digital Media Files will be made available online for viewing anytime anywhere.  They can be set to public or private at your discretion.

Additional Blurays are available to order from the A La Carte menu below. Also, your footage will be archived for one year past your wedding date so that additional copies may be ordered.

All of our pricing is easy and upfront.  No hidden extras.  For an instant price estimate click the button below, and we will email it to you…there’s no obligation.  Also, you can try out our FREE Online Wedding Planner when you complete the form.  Again there is no obligation. Just be sure to include a personalized Password in the field provided to get started!


Enhanced Highlite Reel

This fun, romantic highlite reel reviews the entire portion of your wedding day that we’ve filmed, into a well refined video capturing all the exciting and joyous moments of the day.  Final length will be between 3-15 minutes in length depending on the package chosen.

We will also make it available via Digital Media. Then, you can share it with family and friends through Social Network, Email or even your smartphone.

Online Event Planner

Forget Martha Stewart, our Online Wedding Planner will have you covered from Yes to I do!:

  • Ultimate Wedding Checklist
  • 60,000 Song Database
  • Timelines / Seating Charts
  • Videography Planner
  • Vendor Contact Sheet
  • Links to State / Federal Info Sites
  • And more…
  • Accessible 24 Hours from any device

Professionally Packaged

The moment you see your final package delivered, you’ll be thinking top notch.  It looks like a movie you just picked up from Best Buy. Full color packaging, and disc with your photos taken right from our footage.  No sticky labels that will get stuck in your player.

All the Blu Ray/DVD menus are professionally authored, and animated with Scene Selection and Bonus Features.  So, grab the popcorn, and Kleenex this movie’s gonna be two thumbs up!

Experienced Staff

There’s something special that comes with experience. The ability to expect the unexpected.  We have done a LOT of weddings in our day.  We know what to expect, and when to expect it.  In our business you have to, or your going to miss the shot. So, when grandma busts out and does the Macarena, and you turn to us and ask “Did you get that?”  You’ll already know the answer…”Yup, we got that!”  Only trust the best wedding videographer in phoenix with the most important day in your life!




4 Hour Package

1 Videographer

One Location

1 Add-On

3 Blurays / HD Digital Media Files

3-5 min. Feature Film




6 Hour Package

2 Videographers

Multiple Locations

1 Add-On

3 Blurays / HD Digital Media Files

5-7 min. Feature Film




8 Hour  Package

2 Videographers

Multiple Locations

2 Add-Ons

3 Blurays / HD Digital Media Files

7-10 min. Feature Film




10 Hour Package

2 Videographers

Multiple Locations

3 Add-Ons

3 Blurays / HD Digital Media Files

12-15 min. Feature Film



Based on the package you chose, you can choose from the Add-Ons below.  If you’re not sure what the Add-On is, click on it for a brief description.


From giggling with the girls, to putting the dress on…this exclusive bridal edit will capture all the fun and often times cinematic moments of the bridal preparations.


Not gonna lie here… guys can be pretty boring, but every so often you get just the right mix of personalities and the Groom Prep can turn into an absurdly funny video.  Capture them with the exclusive Groom Prep.


Yes some of them can be extremely long, and some of them short & sweet.  Whether your having the full on Catholic Ceremony, or the quaint courtyard ceremony, the Full Ceremony Edit will capture every moment just as they happen including Dolby Digital Surround Sound Live audio.


This is by far one of my favorite edits to do. It captures the Bride, Groom, and the entire Bridal Party by themselves in rare form.  Some are fun, and some are very cinematic.  What will yours be?  Only the Photo Shoot footage will tell.


The Reception Toasts Edit is the full length, uncut live audio of the  toasts given during the reception.  These can be extremely funny or extremely heartfelt moments you may want in your wedding package to cherish forever,


Depending on the situation this edit will capture all of the Special Dances from the reception.  First Dance, Mother / Son, and the Father / Daughter dances.  This may be the only time your father ever drips a tear…Don’t miss it with the Special Dances Edit.


The Guest Interviews are done during the reception, usually after folks have had a bit to get some drinks in them and loosen up.  As you can imagine, these can get quite hysterical as your guests give their well wishes for your long and prosperous future together. Also keep in mind, it’s not very often you can get the majority of the family together…this is your chance to get them in front of a camera with the Guest Interviews Edit.


Kind of self explanatory but…it allows you to add an additional hour of filming onto your wedding package.  Opt for the 8 Hour Package….this will make it 9 Hours.


These are all the additional goodies you can purchase separately for your final wedding package.  If you’re not sure what the item is, click on it for a brief description.  


Kind of self explanatory but…it allows you to add an additional hour of filming onto your wedding package.  Opt for the 8 Hour Package….this will make it 9 Hours.


This is where you have to break out those old embarrassing photos of you two growing up wearing the sweater Aunt Mildred gave you.  We’ll set the photos to a 3-5 minute video that can be shown at the reception.  As embarrassing as it might be for you, Aunt Mildred can’t wait to see it!


Straight from the Lifetime channel we create the documentary Love Story of you and your significant other.  There will be tears, laughter, and of course sappy music.  We’ll set you up at a beautiful location of your choice and interview you with predetermined questions and interweave your answers together to create nothing short of a smash hit for your reception!  We try to keep these to 10 minutes or less, so not to slow the pace of the reception too much. This will also be included in your final wedding package so that you can enjoy it together again, and perhaps with your children down the road.


This is kind of like Amazon Prime, but this is your Final Wedding Package Prime!  Guaranteed delivery of your final package in 1 week or less.  We put additional staff on your wedding and get it done fast with same high quality clients have come to expect from CinEmotion.  This makes us THE wedding videographer in phoenix with the FASTEST turnaround times so you’re not waiting months, and months, and months…


Unfortunately we can’t go on your Honeymoon with you…but, you can bring us your pictures, and / or short video clips from your phones and we’ll set them to your First Dance song as a memento of your first days together as husband and wife.


OK,  so this is cool, and kind of stressful for us at the same time.  Not every wedding videographer in Phoenix even offers this.  We have a third person hurry up and dump all of the footage of the day into a laptop, right up to the reception of the days events, and edit it into a 4-5 minute video that’s shown at the reception after dinner.  Friends and family will get a unique look into your wedding day, along with you, like none they’ve probably ever seen before, the very same day it was filmed.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the coolest thing ever…this is a 12.  This is truly experiencing a life event the way it was meant to be….together.


I won’t go into too much detail here… it’s an additional Bluray or DVD.


We are one of the only wedding videographer in Phoenix that offers this.  Like it came right from Hollywood, this is a :60 second epic, EPIC preview of your upcoming Final Wedding Video Package. Delivered within 48 hours of your wedding to share with friends and family via digital media and social networking.