CinEmotion Studios is a unique Phoenix Wedding Videographer that specializes in using a cinematic and fun editing style.  We film events as they happen.  You’ll never see us posing shots.  In fact you’ll have a hard time seeing us at all.  We are unobtrusive, and laid back.  Rather than be in the wedding, we’d rather film it.We give very little direction when filming.  The most authentic shots come from when you don’t think your being filmed, that’s just a fact.  And that’s how we roll.  We shouldn’t be the center of attention, you should be.  It is your wedding day after all.  You will see that we have fun when we film in the samples below. Our filming style really depends on the situation and the couples personalities.

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The Cinematic style of wedding video is filmed and edited more like a movie with a view to emphasizing the emotion and drama of the day. It will rely more on montages, music or special effects such as slow motion. The camera work of a Cinematic wedding video may feature more movement – sometimes using camera stabilization systems like a Steadicam.  Special effects filters may be used, and colors and contrast may be enhanced during editing to give it a more film-like feel.

The truth is that there is a certain amount of overlap between Cinematic and Journalistic styles, and most of the time we will use small elements of each in one video.


We try to be as discreet as people can be while following you around  with cameras.  The vast majority of our clients mention our subtlety while filming.  The biggest compliment was can receive is: “Oh! I forgot you guys were here!”

However, there is a fine line between being unobtrusive and being unhelpful.  We strive to provide enough guidance to make you feel confident while respecting your privacy and the sanctity of your ceremony.  We try to be really sensitive to our couples and to their loved ones and to make sure that everyone is remaining emotionally present and really enjoying the wedding.


Sometimes known as ‘journalistic’ or ‘reportage’, this style involves the videographer capturing the events of the day as they happen. It is usually edited in a linear fashion, so you end up with a video that documents your wedding from morning preparations through to evening reception.

Some wedding videos in the Journalistic style feature interviews with the bride and groom, or with their guests, commenting on the day or offering congratulations.  Occasionally the sound bites from these interviews will be used throughout the video to help tell the story of the day, although this variation is more common in the Cinematic style wedding video.